The return of the auburn is a reality and has some royal inspiration

In the midst of the reign of blondes of all shades, there comes a respite for those brunettes who want to continue being so but experimenting a little with their coloring. See more at Red highlights on brown hair

Without any doubt, dark hair is the one that best hides damaged ends, and that is why it is the usual resource when one morning we look at the mirror and realize that the relationship with blonde dyes has spoiled our hair.

Tint it chocolate brown and solved . If you tend to fool around assiduously with coloring, you've seen yourself in that situation more than once.

But brown hair, just like that, without dressings, in its most color-block version can be boring, which is why normally when we have a chocolate mane we let ourselves be flattered by the golden highlights, the balayage or the Californian highlights, yes, always in gold; or if you are a faithful follower of coloring trends, with cold blonde highlights ... Until auburn arrived, as they call it in the United States, and that is nothing other than the fusion of brown with reddish .

Among the virtues that have made it rise positions in the main coloring salons is its ability to bring warmth to any dark hair without losing its naturalness.

To achieve this, the key is to modify the color in a very subtle way through highlights, reflections or baths of color in various reddish tones: copper, bronze, reddish, plum.

On many occasions, the color change is so subtle that it is only appreciated when the light falls directly on the hair, making the chromatic nuances evident. It is something similar to the capillary version of autumn by playing with the different shades of the leaves in the season .

While in blonde hair the inclusion of reddish touches can take over the entire hair, when it comes to dark hair, what is achieved is to provide very subtle nuances that can accentuate the haircut or the waves that you want to mark, as we can see in the usual coloring of Amal Clooney .

Reddish brown is also an excellent tool to achieve a warmer look by working as a hair smoker, especially when playing with lighter shades, coppers and bronzes. The hair is lightened but without losing its brunette identity .

Darker hair, such as chocolates or blacks, usually use plum sparkles, according to their tone, or color baths that mattify gray hair , equalize the tone in the event that highlights were already worn and provide a lot of light to the hair without anyone identifying why.

When we talk about auburn coloration, it will always be chestnut or chocolate bases that incorporate reddish colors, but there is no specific technique to make this fusion, everything is allowed.

A bronze tint can be applied to the ends to make the hair appear lightened in a natural way, as a tint based on reddish sparkles in some strands close to the face and in the most superficial layers, in a color bath that mattifies all the hair or even with a balayage.